Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tribal Details

I'm currently inlove with anything having to do with tribal, crochet, and native details that it makes me want to go check-out native markets and handicraft stores. I remember the bags and accessories my Mom brought home as "pasalubongs" in her trips to countries such as India, Bangkok, and Vietnam. It's been our family tradition to give away stuffs which we haven't used for a certain period of time. So most of them aren't with me anymore although I kept some. I've been away for a long time and whenever I come home for short vacations, I don't really have time to attend to everything at home. So when I arrived last week, the first thing I did was look into closets and cabinets to make space for my other stuffs. Then I found Mom's old stuffs which are to be given away. I saw a lot that I wanted to keep. Oh well, she's really good at spotting beautiful pieces but even my Mom doesn't count me as a recepient of her hand-me-downs mainly because we're not the same size. But I'm surprised that some of her old clothes fit me now. Among the many stuffs I liked, I decided to keep this very pretty tribal printed beaded maxi skirt (the beads- what a plus!) along with a few more. This is a classic and not one to just let go of. I'm glad I found this skirt before it was given away!


Intricate Bead Details

My inspiration for this look, Shea Marie, is one of my Lookbook favorites. I love her for her hippie style. To see more of her looks, visit this link.

These D&G platforms are amazingly made of rafia!

 Alaia Raffia platforms

I also love these bags made of native woven fabrics!!!
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