Thursday, June 9, 2011

Color Splash


I am currently working on my next collection for Binkydoodles. Just a little more time and it'll be out. As of the moment, I'm still trying to put things together to somehow come-up with a unified concept or theme. Conceptualizing has always been a problem of mine, maybe because I like a lot of things. I'm always attracted to beautiful colors and prints, that sometimes, my collection gets messed-up. That's why I don't focus much on the concept when I come-up with my collections. I focus more on what's pretty and what I think would make a nice outfit wherein my clients can feel pretty and comfortable in. To give you an idea of what's coming-up, this cover-up design will be part of my next collection. As always, the collection will be a combination of colors and beautiful prints. :)



To give you a clearer view of what I mean about pretty, here are some of my favorite looks from Mayo Wo. I just love how every piece in her wardrobe is pretty. From her bags, shoes, to her clothes, down to her pairs of socks, everything is simply pretty. To see more of her style, check-out this link. :)


  1. heyya! Denise here saw your blog from CALL IT SPRING'S fb! I am glad to found another Filipina fashion blogger! Are you from Manila? I hope to meet you soon! Well just for chat or maybe some collab photoshoot for our blogs hehe :) new follower here! :)

  2. wow i didn't know bout this.. thanks for the info denise! i'll be visiting your blog... a collab with you sounds great! :)