Monday, May 16, 2011

Adidas All 24 Fashion Competition

The Adidas All 24 event last Sunday was a huge success! The sports and graffiti competitions happened earlier that day while the dance and fashion competitions went on in the afternoon and up until the evening. The event was star studded. Spotted celebrities included Kim Chui, Maja Salvador, Coco Martin, Robby Domingo, Georgina Wilson, Heart Evangelista, Iza Calzado, Jessi Mendiola, Chris Tiu, and a lot more. I didn't get the chance to have a picture with any of them though because I was too busy for the fashion competition. Aside from that, there were lots of food stalls which gave out free foods (which I didn't get to enjoy too, buuuhhhuuu). Here are some shots from the activities that happened earlier that day.


With my beautiful models during our rehearsal. :)

All the participants for the street, sports, and style category were given this graphic printed Adidas shirt and we were all given the freedom to style it the way we wanted to. And since I wanted to look a little different, I decided to cut-off mine. :)

Here's what I did to my shirt. Sayang but atleast I didn't look like everyone else. I paired my cut-out shirt with sheer electric pleated pants which I also designed. :)

Here's a picture of me with two of my models, Joannah Gonzales and Kar Sison of Afashionistalife, and Pewee Reyes-Isidro, Editor in Chief of Meg Magazine.

Before we go to the competition proper, let me show you the sketches (which I first thought didn't make it). We submitted two design entries to get into the catwalk finale. We were told to wait for the confirmation if we get in or not on May 2. Come May 2, I didn't get any text or whatsoever from the staff so I just thought that my poor drawing didn't make it. It turned out, the confirmation just got delayed and we only found out that we got in last May 5. So I had 10 days to work on my entries. The theme was all about passion and the things that excites us most. Since I used to play tennis back in college, I opted to focus on female tennis players as my inspiration. But generally, my designs were inspired by women who are both fashionable and athletic and are not afraid of expressing themselves through their style, while also always taking into consideration their very active daily lifestyles. I was inspired by the kind of woman who can easily slip into rubber shoes from her sky-high stilletos, she is STYLE and COMFORT, rolled into one. I incorporated the famous color blocking trend to make my designs more hip. :)

I worked double for this competition since I did everything from the patterns to sewing. I also made matching accessories to somehow support my designs and to give more emphasis on how the 2 designs are related. I worked on each piece passionately that even if it took me to sew and undo stitches every once in a while everytime I make a mistake, I didn't really get tired of it. I wanted to go out there PREPARED. This is what I've always wanted to do afterall. So I thought, there's really no reason for me not to be ready.

The wow thing of the day was that we were judged by celebrities and other know personalities in the fashion industry! The judges included Iza Calzado, Heart Evangelista, Georgina Wilson, Pewee Reyes-Isidro of Meg Mgazine, the famous blogger Chuvaness, the winner of Mega Young Designer Competition Russel Villafuerte, and some people from the Adidas team.


WIth the other models and designers. :)

With my gorgeous girls! :)

All my hardwork payed off! I'm really happy that I was able to do the designs exactly the way I had the idea in my mind. And the fact that my Mom gave me possitive comments when I sent her the pictures through e-mail was enough for me to believe that I've really done my best. I also made the right decision in choosing my models (you girls pulled off the look so well). I won 3rd, congratulations to my fellow SoFAsionista Danika Navarro for winning the competition and to Princess+Yuki (2nd placers) and to all the other participants. The Adidas event was indeed a new learning experience for me. I'm thankful that I became part of it and that the experience once again helped me to push myself even more. Thank you to all those who supported me through out the event. And thank you to all those who believed that I can make it! I hope I'm making you proud! God bless you all! :)


  1. shen: thank u! im glad u came to watch the show.. heheh.

    zinnia: thanks zin. look forward gd to our big day this nov :)

  2. Congrats Binky!How about if we feature you in ACES and Champs Mural Project FOR THE 600 FACES OF THE ACES(achievers)and the 100 Filipino World Champions?

  3. pls contact me for the details.. u can contact me thru 09396148682 or email me @ thanks. :)