Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Graduation Project

I know graduation season's waaayy over but I still want to share this graduation project which I did for my friend Stephanie. More than a week before her UP graduation, Stephanie asked me if I could design her Graduation and Baccalaureate dresses. Although I knew the time was a little limited, I still gave her a yes. This project once again reminded me of how I missed my own graduation years back. I didn't boycott our graduation because I spent 6 years in college, but rather, I decided not to attend because my Mom and Step-Dad were in the States during that time. Me and my brothers instead went to visit our Lola and Lolo in Zamboanga del Sur and attended their town fiesta which fell on the same date as my graduation. Somehow I regret not having a picture with my "sablay" after all the years of struggle or not having the chance to wear my white-sleeved-below the knee dress. I struggled althrough-out college forcing myself into something which was really out of my league. I dragged myself everyday to my chemistry classes which I had to re-take again and again. Because of my frustration, I eventually learned to cut classes and went to school to take my exams unprepared. That was a time in my life where I somehow lost my self confidence because I never excelled in my classes, a time where the only word in my dictionary was "mediocrity". But looking back, I'm still thankful that I went through the wrong turn because that's where I got all my strength to be where I am now. I struggled to have myself back. Yes, finally I got my degree in Food Technology from UP but after that, it really didn't matter. I never practiced my degree. Instead, I struggled to be in the industry I wanted to be in. And ever since, I've been happy. I found inner peace because I enjoyed what I've been doing, I knew myself better, and I've learned to deal with my strengths and weaknesses. I know I'll need to struggle even more to be in this tough industry. But because I love what I do, struggling has only been a positive thing. :)

Photos by Braex Tibubos
Modeling by Stephanie Tibubos

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