Thursday, November 17, 2011

Garage Super Sale

It's this time of the year again when I have to sort my closet into two groups, first group be the things that I'm still using, and those that I think I'd still be using next year (mainly my basics and "pambahay"). The 2nd group on the otherhand, futher divided into 2 groups, are the things which I have not used for months and won't be using anymore plus my over-used clothes which I give away to those in need. Sorting of our clothes before the year ends is actually a family tradition but since I've collected so many beautiful clothes over the past few years, I decided to do my own garage sale to dispose my favorite clothes. This year will be my 3rd, and this will be the biggest so far. It's not that easy for me to let go of my clothes but I'd prefer my favorite pieces to be useful than pile them up inside the closet. This year, almost 50% of my closet will go to my garage sale to give way to new stuffs next year (major wardrobe change here)! HAHA.

Here's a sneak preview of what I'll be selling:

this dress

this top, skirt, and necklace

 this top, wedges and earrings

this cover-up and bag

this romper
Aside from my closet raid, the old stocks from Binkydoodles (clothes and accessories) will also be on sale. And when I say that it's a clearance sale, I really mean CLEARANCE SALE. Prices will be very very low! So if you're looking for gifts to give away this Christmas, you'll definitely find something here. I can't show you yet what will be included here but there will be a LOT, I tell you!

Plus! New stocks from Pinky Binky have arrived already and will be up on display too!!!

Mark your calendars and see you on this Sunday! :)

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