Monday, January 30, 2012

Metallic Stripes

I have nothing much to say about this post because I think I've had enough stress earlier today and I can't squeeze anything out of my mind anymore. Haha. Lame excuse but let me just leave you with this outfit post. Good night you all! :)

Check-out my top!  I made this and I just have to mention it. Haha. :)

Just when you think your outfit isn't loud enough, wear a statement necklace. :)

Necklace from Binkydoodles

What I Wore:
DIY top,
Forever21 skirt,
Folded and Hung Sandals,
Binkydoodles fringe necklace

Check-out Laureen Uy's statement necklaces! One's from Binkydoodles! I saw her wear this twice in My Binondo Girl and twice in her blog too.. Yihee! :)

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