Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Retaso Collection (Limited Edition)

I've accumulated enough scraps and decided to make this collection since I've also been receiving orders and inquiries about the accessories worn by bloggers such as Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy and Janelle Manahan. I took time to do all these that I had to take a break from doing my February collection for Binkydoodles so that I could also concentrate (nyahaha). I apologize for my Multiply site not being that updated and for the late replies to inquiries. I promise that I'll try to be more organized next time. Anyway after this, I'll go back to doing my Retro-tribal collection so expect it to be out in 2weeks... Please check my Multiply site for more pictures and for the prices.. To place your orders, please contact me at 09396148682. Thank You! :)

Kryz Uy wearing the braid turban

Janelle Manahan of itsfassion wearing Binkydoodles top and necklace.


  1. wow i love all your accessories!! :) will check your shop now ;)

    xoxo hazel