Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pleated Leather

Pleats and leather are everywhere now, but pleats and leather together? I got really excited when my Mom told me she was able to get me a pleated leather skirt during her trip to Paris last month. Told ya she gets me the best pasalubongs! And this particular set of pasalubongs is the best yet. Reason why I'm very happy and inspired now. Haha. My necklace and belt are also from her. But no, I'm not wearing head-to-toe outfit from Mom. I have personal inputs in this outfit too! Haha. Anyways, aside from clothes and accessories, she also got me the most beautiful set of printed fabrics and lots of magazines too!! My summer collection will just be my most colorful and most printed collection ever! Prints and colors to the highest level! I'm just sooo exciteeedd!!! YAY!! :p

What I Wore:
snakeskin top from Pink Clothes,
leather pleated skirt and necklace from H&M,
silver belt from Mango,
black pumps from Forever21


  1. WOW! Your outfit is really amazing! And that skirt -first time kong makakita ng ganyan! You rocked it :D good job!

    Almira :)

  2. gorgeous skirt binks! love the whole outfit :)

    1. thanks terney! kagalang galang outfit by misspinkybinky.. haha :)