Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hong Kong Ocean Park

I'm officially in love with taking pictures! I still haven't had enough time to just sit down and get to know my camera that's why I take every opportunity I can to use it. On to the pictures, let me take you to another photo tour at one of Hong Kong's most popular amusement parks--- Ocean Park! The land area covered by the whole park is so huge that if you plan to visit and you want to make the most out of it, you should allot one whole day there. Hanah and I decided to go there after lunch since we didn't want to get burned by the heat of the sun. But because we were too curious about the shopping streets outside the Central subway station, we decided to go out first and take a look around. We found a couple of interesting shops there so we ended up arriving at the Ocean Park at 4pm. Thank God, sunsets take place at around 8pm, we were able to take pictures and enjoy the view. We were not able to go to the other parts of the park though since we were already too tired and it was already getting late. So this is what happens when you try so hard to squeeze everything in to your itinerary! Oh well, at least I've got a lot of reasons to look forward to coming back. :)

My view from the cable car. I love aerial views!
Cable cars we've met along the way up to the thrill mountain.

Thriller rides at the thrill mountain.

Another round of thriller rides on another side.
The Dragon. I really wanted to try it but I wasn't ready for a heart attack. Haha.


The Swing


 The Grand Aquarium

Old Hong Kong at night.

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