Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A New Beginning with Multiply

The people who know my story, know that Binkydoodles started when I created my account in Multiply back in 2007. At that time, I wasn't even officially out of college yet. I struggled with my chemistry subjects and was still working on my thesis so I could graduate. But deep inside of me, I was already worried about the kind of future I'll have if I stick to my course. I wanted to make a difference in my life but didn't know where to start. Little did I know that creating an account with Multiply would turn my life 360 degrees. It all started when a good friend of mine convinced me to create an account as she told me that there were already online sellers in Multiply. At that time, Multiply was just a social networking site but eventually, because of the traffic created by online sellers, Multiply became a good venue for start-up merchants. As for my case, Multiply became the key for me to break into this business. Four months after being an online seller, I appeared in my 1st ever TV guesting. But more months after that, I was invited to 5 more TV guestings. I was only able to appear in 3 shows though because I was based in Iloilo and only planned my trips to Manila every now and then. From there, I met a lot of contacts and had a broader network. So when I received a notice from Multiply a month ago saying "We will no longer be able to support our current format..", I instantly felt sad thinking that Multiply would dissolve all of a sudden. I didn't read the whole notice so I didn't really know what was going on. And then I received a call from the Multiply team inviting me to a mini get together with their team along with the top Multiply merchants and bloggers here in Iloilo (I was invited as a merchant). From the meeting I attended, I learned that they're actually changing their platform and not dissolving at all. HAHA. So from their previous social networking format, they're totally evolving into an e-commerce site. With that, Multiply will be the perfect venue for established brands, start-up merchants and the likes, transforming their current format to meet a buyer-and-seller-friendly format, partnering with payment systems and couriers. The new format will officially be effective starting December 1, 2012. Learning this gave me relief because I won't totally loose my files, contacts, and network after all but instead, it will even help me organize my online business. And with that, I can't wait to evolve with them. :)

Ms Erben and Ms Aiko of Multiply

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